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Kuopiorock comes back in July 2024, Spring tickets are on sale now!

You can buy tickets in advance from TIKETTI or LIPPU.FI

The official festival ticket vendors are TIKETTI and LIPPUPISTE. We recommend you not to buy ticket from anywhere else. Tickets will be checked at the gates when you arrive to the festival park. Advance tickets will be changed to festival wristbands near the main gate in wristband change booth.

With the wristband you can exit from the festival park and come back. The festival wristband is personal. Don’t take it off until the festival ends. Lost or broken wristbands won’t be changed to new.

People of all ages are welcome; however, we do not recommend the event program for people under 12 years old. Children and young people can find their own tickets at the ticket office. The children’s ticket is intended for 3–10-year-olds.

The age limit for VIP tickets and serving areas is 18.


Kuopiorock Camping is temporarily built camping area which is located close to the festival area ( Address Vuorikatu 1). In Kuopiorock Camping you can stay in a tent, car, caravan or bus.

Age limit for Kuopiorock Camping is 18 years.

The campsite of Kuopiorock is intended only for Kuopiorock customers – you cannot go there without a festival ticket valid from the day of arriving to the campsite until the end of the festival.


You can buy Kuopiorock Camping tickets from


Camping Wristband 30€

For every camping product there is a separate ticket. You also have to buy a separate Camping wristband -ticket and a festival ticket. For example if you want to stay in a tent, you will need to buy: Camping Wristband-ticket + Tent Spot + Festival Ticket.

Camping tickets will be exchanged to camping wristbands at the camping gates. Wristbands are personal. Please note that everyone in the Kuopiorock Campsite has to have festival wristband which is valid from the day of arriving to the campsite until the end of the festival. 

  • With 3-day Festival ticket camping is allowed from Thursday 12:00 pm until Sunday 12:00 pm
  • With 2-day Festival ticket camping is allowed from Friday 12:00 pm until Sunday 12:00 pm
  • With 1-day Festival Saturday ticket camping is allowed from Saturday 12:00 pm until Sunday 12:00 pm
  • With Thursday or Friday 1-day Festival ticket there is no access to Kuopiorock Camping.

Camping products:

  • Tent Spot 30€
  • Half  Platoon Tent Spot 70€
  • Car Spot 40€
  • Caravan Spot 65€
  • Big traveller car (bus etc) Spot 85€


Kuopiorock Camping and reception are located in Kuopiolahti field, address Vuorikatu 1. Everyone arriving to the campsite must go through the reception. Accommodation tickets will be checked at the reception. After the check, you will be guided to the right place to put up your camp.

Please follow instructions of the staff and security throughout your stay.


Please keep silence at Camping between 22:00 and 09:00.

Forbidden objects :

  • pets, minor children, arms, explosives, fireworks, laser pointers, spray paints, clothing or accessories in attention colors, i.e. orange or yellow similar to security vests, radio telephones, drones or photography helicopter, disposable grills, electric grills, separate microwaves, etc. pop-up tents, pavilions and loose front tents


  • Shower containers
  • Festival toilets
  • Drinking water
  • Camping kitchen, where you can cook your own food. There will be microwave, electricity stove, water boiler and some kitchen suppliers. Please pay attention to safety when cooking in the kitchen. Always unplug the devices after use.

The festival a is located in Väinölänniemi, Kuopio. The best way to get there from the Kuopio center is by walking. The nearest address to the Main gate is Lappalaisenkatu 2.

The festival area is to get around and easily accessible by wheelchair.

There are also accessible toilets in the area, as well as wheelchair platforms in the vicinity of the stages.

An assistant can always have a free access to the festival with a client who needs an assistant for their daily activities or transactions. The facilitator must arrive at the ticket office at the same time as the assisted person. There are two different types of tickets on sale for the event, entitling the customer and the assistant to enter. The “wheelchair ticket” sold in ticket shops is only for a wheelchair user. Other customers who need an assistant for their day-to-day operations will purchase a regular ticket.

If the VIP customer needs an assistant, the assistant will of course also be able to enter the VIP area with the customer. However, VIP dining is not included for the assistant and can be purchased separately separately from the ticket office.


Questions about accessibility? Contact us by e-mail


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